Holistic Marketing: Your Non-Markety Marketing Plan + How To Use It Right Now

Finding balance is hard.

As a small business owner struggling to grow, your life consists of balances and counterweights. Is the work worthy? Does it align with my values and vision? Am I focused enough on it (and me!) yet still present for my family?

Lady, that's a LOT of responsibility, especially if you're a free-spirited entrepreneur! We too often take the weight of the world on their shoulders, both at home and in their work. And when all that crap gets too heavy to carry, we drop the work stuff with a thud and say, "I can't do this!" or "Maybe I'm not cut out for running this business." Because everything else always comes first. 

You give it a bit of time, but you're called to do this work, so retrieve your load of to-do lists and product plans and hoist it back upon your shoulders. 

And the cycle continues, with no little to no business gain, just a growing to-do list.

Being Overwhelmed Is Not A Business Plan

You care about delivering quality and value — I know that. But have you ever thought about what your business looks like from the customer side of things? 

For example, you're crazy busy with life, and a customer asks to purchase something — imagine you ran into them at the market, or wherever you might gain a new client! How does the conversation go?

Sure, I can do that! No problem. 

But then:

Oh, shoot. I have to check and see if [insert whatever will delay you]. 
Okay, I'm super busy with my [insert #ostrichwork], so I'll get to it early next week, okay? 
Call me, and we'll set something up, okay?
Sure. How much? Oh, just give me [insert a far too low price here].

Do you see what's going on ^up^ there? You're scrambling. I've been there. 

Your Customer Has Been There, Too (And They Don't Like It)

Your customer has likely been there, too. And they instinctively know that is not a healthy or balanced business.  

How quickly will they be to refer their mom/friend/co-worker if they're not sure how you'll be feeling that week?

Even if you consistently deliver in the end, you still have a colossal RELIABILITY problem. 

But there's another way. This new approach to your business involves looking at the whole business relative to ONE product and then creating systems to build your business around that.  

What if you stop letting a bunch of stress build-up and cause you to stick your head in the sand like an ostrich? #EndOstrichWork

There is a way. And I'm thrilled to be the first one to introduce you to it!

Entrepreneur, Meet Holistic Marketing

STOP right there! I see your eyes glazing over and your finger twitching to escape. KEEP reading. I promise it'll make you see that evil word "marketing" in a whole new light. 

But first, we need to define marketing. I think many people get confused when they hear the term "marketing." They automatically assume it's all about fancy plans, sketchy expensive advertising, and underwhelming results. 

What Does Marketing Even Mean?

Marketing is the "action or business or promoting and selling products and services, including market research and advertising."

definition of marketing vs holistic marketing

Ick. That sounds like everything we hate, doesn't it? All rolled up into one dirty word. It's heartless, it's money-motivated, it's advertising. 

*insert shudder*

Holistic Marketing Is NOT Traditional Marketing

Holistic means "characterized by comprehension of the parts of something intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole."

holistic marketing definition of holistic

Or, "Holistic marketing recognizes that "everything matters" with marketing and that broadly integrated perspective is very essential." [Source]

It's a whole-body approach to marketing, more like Eastern medicine looking at all the symptoms, not just the one they can treat the fastest. 

Holistic + Marketing = Your Entire Freaking Business!

Don't Care. Marketing Never Works For Me

You can choose to leave me on this hill (and I'll stay), but:

Any time you talk about business, you're talking about marketing:

  • How do you encourage word-of-mouth referrals? Referral Marketing
  • How do you get more customers? Sales Marketing 
  • How do you ensure customer satisfaction? Communications marketing
  • Why do (or should) you collect testimonials? Social Proof Marketing 
  • How do you develop the right offerings? Product Marketing

Not official terms up there, but we don't need to get fancy. 

Every aspect of your business involves marketing, whether you want it to or not.

Holistic Marketing IS Your Business, Not Just One Part

A Holistic Marketing System takes it one step further and one step back. At its core, holistic marketing is about offering: 

[the right product] + [the right price] + [the right way] + [to the right customer]

But watch now how holistic marketing is your whole business. It's how all the parts work together to satisfy your customer's needs and increase profitability. 

Holistic Marketing Has Four Parts

Holistic marketing is broken down into four parts. It's perfect for small biz owners who struggle to balance everyone's needs and desires while protecting their own time and energies. 

Instead of stressing over what you SHOULD be doing, you first take the holistic marketing system and implement it for ONE offering.

the 4 parts of Holistic Marketing


Who is your ideal customer and, how you do you emotionally connect with them? What underlying problems are you solving for them? What motivates them to purchase your products and offerings?


What clear, coordinated, and consistent products and communications do you offer? Regular email contact, social media posts, a format for sales emails and posts that matches your brand?

Internal Workings

How does your product goes from order placed to delivery, and who is doing it? Is there a set day each week to fill orders? Is your appointment availability clearly defined? And who makes it all happen?

Social Responsibility

How are you balancing your customer needs with society's needs and the planet's best interests? Is your business licensed and lawful? Do you take it seriously and claim your income?

A Quick Exercise

Putting Holistic Marketing Into Action

step 1

Choose A Popular Product You Offer

Grab a piece of paper and write down the name of your most popular/easy-sell product or service right now. Or grab the free printable here

[No paper, printer, or paper-free?] Pin this for later or write an email to yourself. 

step 2

Draw A Grid & Label It

Got it? Okay, now make 4 boxes on the page, drawing a line down the center and across the middle.

Label the boxes: Relationship, Integration, Internal, Social Responsibility

step 3

Fill It In

Now here's the fun part! I want you to walk through every step of the product you selected. Start from a customer not knowing it exists to leaving a 5* star.

Note: Add in the referral or upsell info if you have it, but don't stress if you don't. We'll get to advertising in another post, so don't stress about it now.

Holistic Marketing Grid Example

My Example: Upgrade Your Homepage New Course Offering

Here's what mine looks like, to give you an idea of how this works. I created a Product Planner Grid, which you can download a copy of to try! 

Look at that! I didn't have a name for it then, but I already HAD a Holistic Marketing System. 

My guess is you have the basics of one, too. You just need to identify it. 

Recap: Holistic Marketing System 

With one product, I researched my customer to better connect them and ethically advertised where they hang out to connect them to this solution. I set up a system that makes it easy to order and clearly defines who's in charge and how to get help. Lastly, my business standards translate into action, with my online product showing eco-consciousness and my donation showing social consciousness. 

A holistic marketing system lets me do more of what I love and less busywork. Then I can create another product that helps my perfect customer solve another problem they want to address. 

Remember the "uhh, I'll get it to you somehow" conversation from the beginning of the article? This is what it looks like after implementing the four parts of a holistic marketing system— relationship research, integrated solutions, internal follow-through, and social responsibility. 

You're crazy busy with life, and a customer asks to purchase something — imagine you ran into them at the market or online! How does the conversation go?

Sure, I have the perfect solution for you. It's [insert offer clearly and quickly due to relationship research].

And then (remember last time all we had was delays, drama, and excuses?):

Sound like it will work? Great. Let me send you the quote/invoice/offer link. I'll get it to you by the end of business tomorrow (or now!) if that works? Awesome. 
Do you prefer email or text? 
Text, great! I'll send you a link, and you can order right from it. I've got a new system that's so much easier for YOU to use. You can re-order and grab a referral code, too! 
Great seeing you! 

There are infinite versions of the conversation above. It could be someone you've never met or your best friend. Online or in-person. A physical product or a booking inquiry. 

Stop Looking Like You're Struggling

It's that whole fake it til you make it thing. Sometimes, especially in business, it pays to do this. 

No matter how big or small your system is — looking professional matters. A holistic marketing system cuts down on the work you need to do to fulfill orders and generates more sales. It's easy, efficient, and meets your customers' needs where and when they need it most.

Holistic marketing will ground your business systems so your productivity and profits can soar.

Marketing plans aren't meant to be documents you spend weeks creating and then stick them in a drawer to collect dust. This is why holistic marketing systems work so well! A holistic marketing system is alive - it IS your business. 

Try it now if you kept reading and didn't do the exercise. And don't worry, the printable doesn't have to be printed. You can fill it in on your computer with Adobe PDF or use that half-empty notebook that's lying nearby. 🙂

Grab Your Wysify™ Product Planner Grid

Yeah, you can do it on paper or in an email. But if you like pretty things, grab a copy of the Product Planner Grid now. We'll drop it right in your inbox and send you a 15-Minute Fix to try, too! 

holisitic marketing Wysify™ Product Planner Grid
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